Eroding Sonic Landscapes with the Internet Audio Cyclotron

Aurosion is a collaborative, long-form, performance piece by Kassia Flux (sound artist, composer and scientist - @KassiaFlux) and Justin Gagen (musician, digital anthropologist and computational musicologist - @pha5echange).

Field recordings from various place, such as the laboratory and the forest, are fed into the Internet Audio Cyclotron; an auto-destructive, algorithmic, transatlantic feedback loop.

Spanning over 15,000 Kms, from London to Dallas, Texas, the IAC requires the sound to be fed into itself, with each cycle partially destroying the signal. This sonic erosion causes new textures, artefacts and forms to emerge, akin to an eroded landscape.

Aurosion was created for broadcast on ResonanceExtra on June 6th 2016.