J M Gagen

I am a computational musicologist, digital anthropologist, sonic artist and musician.
I have particular interests in digital music, internet culture and virtual live performance, and am currently the recipient of the AHRC PhD Studentship in Music and Social Media at Goldsmiths, University of London

My research is concerned with the socio-cultural aspects of music and social media, digital musicology, and the use of computation, data and ethnography to investigate music and society. My work forms a component of the Transforming Musicology project, an AHRC-funded collaboration between Goldsmiths College, The University of Oxford, The Oxford e-Research Centre, Lancaster University, and Utrecht University.

My MSc research concentrated on virtual live music performance, utilising ethnographic and virtual-ethnographic methods.


Transforming Musicology (ongoing research project)

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality: Performing Live in Second Life - co-authored chapter (2016)

The Internet Audio Cyclotron - sonic art paper (2015)

Metaverse, Metachorus: Virtual live music performance in Second Life - MSc dissertation (2012)

Other pieces